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Why messaging?

Reach your audience directly

Skip the algorithms, regain control of content distribution and reach 100% of your subscribers by using direct delivery that works.

Boost your open rate

60% open rate and 80% read on average. Beat the competition by connecting with your audience on today's most popular channels.

Encourage sharing

84% of content is shared on messaging apps. Deliver content where your audience will read and share it.

Why Bulletin?

Think Mailchimp © for messaging

Save, export, preview, shcedule and publish. Analyse metric and automate your content distribution on messaging apps.

Create content, not flows

Don't waste time connecting arrows or putting together complex flows. Bulletin was built content ready.

Multimedia input

Use text, photos, audios, emojis, videos, and more to create dynamic and engaging content. It's conversational and fun, like talking to a friend.

Product features

Convert content into conversation

Transform your newsletters into guided conversations with our easy-to-use editor, or upload existing content in just a few clicks.

Gain insight with polls

Use polls to gain valuable insight into audience preferences.

Understand your audience

Stay informed of your active user count, user retention, open rate, click-through rate, best open hour, and more using our comprehensive analytics.

Multiple apps supported

Send content to your audience on Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Bulletin helps you deliver consistent experience to the end user, no matter the platform.

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