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New to Bulletin? Meet our CMS

Writing content for messaging apps doesn’t have to be complicated.

That’s why we created Bulletin, a content management and automation system that helps you easily compose and distribute content via Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Companies of all industries use Bulletin’s user-friendly CMS interface to create interactive newsletters. We invite you to meet Bulletin’s story editor, and learn what makes our CMS the best tool on the market for content management and automation on messaging apps. 

Example of an interactive newsletter

1. Use the notepad to create your drafts

Bulletin’s story editor is divided into two sections: conversation and draft

The draft section of our editor functions as a notepad where you can start building your story. There are several ways to use the draft field. One way is by importing content from other sources, such as a published article. 

Bulletin’s editor

Import content into the text editor by pasting a link in the box marked ‘Story URL’ and clicking the ‘Fetch content’ button. Both pure text and images will be imported. 

Draft notepad

Once the content has loaded, you can copy, paste, edit, or highlight as needed. This will make it easier for you to convert your articles, newsletters, and more, into conversations. 

2. Blocks make coding a thing of the past

Don’t worry about coding, piecing together complex flows, or UX. With Bulletin’s blocks, you can go straight to writing.

Blocks are multimedia elements found in the conversation area of your story editor. Blocks are designed to look like message bubbles so that they provide an idea of how the story will appear to your reader’s mobile device. 

                                                   Conversation Editor

A block may include text, images, videos, gifs, polls and more. While other chatbot solutions require you to insert a custom code, Bulletin’s simple blocks format let you add, rearrange, and style multimedia content without any technical knowledge.  

                                                 Block menu

To add a block, click on the button marked with a plus sign, and select the type of media you want.

3. Re-arrange the order of your blocks 

Sometimes, ideas flow as you go. You may start your conversation one way, then realize that you need to shuffle things around as the structure becomes clearer.

Bulletin makes it easy to rearrange your conversation at any point. Place the mouse over the piece of conversation you wish to move, and a set of buttons will appear on the right. Use the arrow buttons to drag the block and change the order of your conversation. Or, select the bin icon to delete the block.

Arrow to change the block order

4. Auto-saving and error validation

Your story will be automatically saved as you work on your content. Click on the ‘Finish and save’ button to exit the screen once you are done editing.

Finish and save 

If there is an error, you will be notified with a red message. Make the indicated corrections and try to save again.

Error message

Error validations help ensure a smooth UX for your end users.

5. Character counter and emoji button

Optimizing your content for mobile viewing is essential in our increasingly on-the-go world. Messaging apps, like other mobile platforms, work best with short-form content.

When crafting interactive conversations, you want to be aware of how long each paragraph is so that your readers won’t be overwhelmed with information. Bulletin’s text block includes a built-in character counter which will turn red if you go over the recommended limit of 200 characters: the perfect size to be read on a mobile device. 

Character counter

It also has an emoji button to help you add emojis to your text. You can activate the emoji keyboard anywhere you see this icon: ☺. Or, you can enable our small emoji keyboard by just typing a colon (“:“).  

Add emojis to captions, user replies, or in the paragraph text.

Emojis boost engagement by expressing emotion in a fun way. Add emojis in accordance to your media criteria, but be careful not to overuse them.


Content creators, marketers, and digital strategists have a lot to look forward to when adopting Bulletin as part of their content strategy.

Whether you love our content editor’s main features or the small details that contribute to the overall UX, we’re thrilled to help you connect with the millions of avid messaging users worldwide.

You don’t have to be an expert developer to build your own custom interactive newsletters. Discover the power of conversational content and media side-by-side, driven by your vision. Start using Bulletin today.

Have you tried Bulletin yet? If so, what is your favorite part of the user experience? 

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