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Metrics Part III: Learn How Your Direct Messages are Performing

A few weeks ago, we published the article Introducing Bulletin’s Metrics Dashboard to help our users assess their KPIs at a glance.

In the final installment of our metrics series (and upon user request!), we’ll teach you how to access detailed information about your bulletins’ performance.

Once your first interactive newsletter has been published, you’ll be able to measure how users engaged with each individual story element. Here’s how:

Bulletins tab

Start by clicking on the bulletins tab in the upper-left corner of the page.

On this page, you’ll see a list of your bulletins. Metrics are located to the right of the bulletin’s status. These metrics will be available for both “Live” and “Expired” bulletins. 

Bulletin list

Open rate and bulletins sent

The two key metrics that you will see in this area are the open rate and bulletins sent.

Remember that a bulletin is a group of stories and every time you send a notification to your audience, you send a bulletin.

The number of bulletins sent indicates how many bulletins have been sent out to different users. You can also think of this number as the amount of subscribers that your bulletin was sent to. You can find the number of bulletins sent at the bottom-right corner of this metric group.

Bulletins sent detail

The open rate shows how many of your readers have opened your bulletin. This information is available in percentage form, and is also represented visually through the filled-in bar. 

Open rate detail

Story metrics

Individual story metrics are accessible via the blue graph icon at the right end of every bulletin. 

Bulletin metrics button on the Bulletin tab

This view breaks down metrics by story. (If your bulletin is made up of 3 stories, for example, each will have its own metrics.) 

Story metrics detail

User retention and CTR

To the right of each story, you will see the user retention and CTR (or click-through rate) laid out as percentages. 

The finished the story percentatge indicates how many users have gone all the way to the end of that story.

The CTR shows what percentage of readers have clicked on the links in your story.

Note that the CTR will only be measured if your story includes links and the link tracking option is activated.

Beneath each story, you can also view your reader count and the number of readers who finished the story.

Story metrics detail

Open time

At Bulletin, we know that it’s crucial to send a notification at the right moment. With our open time metrics, you can track the time that your audience opened your interactive newsletter.

Open time graph

Click on the story title to access the Open Time graph. The chart can be zoomed in and out according to your viewing preferences.

Fragment metrics

For an even more detailed breakdown of how users interacted with each part – or fragment – of your story, scroll down past your open time graph.

Here, you will see a readers-per-fragment funnel that appears anywhere the user was given the option to continue reading or skip a story. This metric shows up as a dark blue and red bar to the right of the fragment.

Fragment metrics detail

Knowing which parts of your story readers continued – or skipped – can help you learn what kind of content your audience prefers. It can also help you identify where you may need to construct more engaging decision points.

Poll results

On this page, you will also be able to track poll results. Poll results will appear wherever you inserted a poll into your interactive newsletter.

A bar graph with numbers will appear alongside the fragment, illustrating what responses your users have given.

Poll results detail


To learn more about tracking your metrics in Bulletin, check out our article, Understand Your Audience with Graphs and Charts.

Or, consult our Help & Support Center for any of your informational needs!

Cristina Sobregrau