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Who Is Using Content Delivery Chatbots?

Chatbots are the newest done-for-you service in the content marketing sphere. They offer a way to deliver content directly to audiences, at optimal times and with minimal oversight.

Using content delivery chatbots puts control back into the hands of businesses and publishers. These bots collect detailed metrics, giving organizations a much-needed look into how audiences are engaging with their stories, updates, and newsletters.

With users focused on messaging apps instead of their social feeds, content delivery chatbots are the perfect tool for delivering what every brand needs: your message, the way your audience wants to hear it.

Delivering content on messaging apps: a cross-industry solution

Messaging platforms are the next big channel for pushing and marketing content. More than 50% of the world’s population actively uses messaging apps to communicate with businesses, friends, family, and colleagues. That adds up to over 3 billion people, including key economic buyers like Millennials and younger demographics. To stay relevant, brands must be ready to adapt to this monumental change in the digital landscape.

The shift to messaging apps is consumer-led; however, brands have a lot to gain by being at the forefront of this new phase in communication. Here is how some of today’s industry giants are leading the content revolution, and what this new automation tool can do for your industry:

Journalism and Publishing

Become your reader’s number one news source by offering them a direct, private channel of communication. Use emojis, gifs, videos, and more to create engaging short-form content that fits the reading habits of your on-the-go audience.

With content delivery chatbots, your media company will have access to a host of never-before-seen messaging app data. This helps you fine-tune your content strategy and reach your users at the right time of day for maximum engagement. See what content has been read, create profiles on user interests, and send stories that are curated to these interests.

With content distribution chatbots, journalists and publishers have access to a wealth of monetization opportunities. One example is by offering paid subscriptions to premium content, columnists, and influencers.

Marketing and Communications

Content delivery chatbots help you humanize your brand and connect with users in ways that feel organic. For example, you might create a funny character that promotes your light-hearted brand and allows you to build relationships with a key demographic, all while dripping educational messages about your products.

Intuitive publishing platforms allow you to schedule your content delivery as easily as you would using your favorite social media or email marketing tool. Measure and track messaging analytics, gain actionable insights into your audience, and segment your subscribers to create targeted marketing campaigns that will help your business reel in revenue.

By advertising to users over popular messaging platforms, chatbots can help marketers achieve a better cost-per-mille, or CPM, than traditional mechanisms.


When it comes to e-commerce, content delivery chatbots are an excellent tool for generating quality leads. With a good content strategy, you can personalize chatbot interaction with prospective customers by asking direct questions about user preferences and needs. Send targeted messages to push relevant sales and updates concerning stock, and incentivize sales by monitoring and leveraging customers’ favorite messaging apps.

More and more e-commerce purchases are being made on mobile. With content distribution chatbots, e-commerce companies will be buckled up for this shift, and ready to tap into the growing pool of mobile advertising funds.

Sport and Entertainment

Keep users up to date on the latest sports scores, film releases, celebrity gossip, art exhibits, concerts, and more. The user opt-in will ensure that your messages are reaching the right people every time. Promote your bot on your website and on social media using unique, traceable links so that you will always know how your users found you. With in-app and social bot sharing, users can easily share your brand’s chatbot on messaging apps.

Sports and entertainment businesses can add content distribution chatbots to their revenue strategy by hosting competitions and announcing giveaways of sponsored products.

Government and Education

When communicating important messages to citizens and students, many governments and universities use the COPE system – Create Once, Publish Everywhere. While press releases, social media posts, and email newsletters are seen by some, governments and educational organizations must make sure that their updates and notifications are getting out to the people who need it.

Use a content delivery chatbot to send important notices and messages to citizens or students through popular messaging apps, where they’re likely to be seen. Send polls, educational material, city or campus-wide notifications, local health or weather warnings, and more in just a few clicks.

Communities and Nonprofits

People prefer digital messaging over phone calls and email. It’s no surprise, given it’s the most common form of communication today. With guided conversations, you can connect with your audience the way they want to connect. By meeting users on their favorite platforms, your organization will convey a willingness to engage, to hear public opinion and get the community involved in your project.

Use content delivery chatbots on messaging apps to coordinate events, inspire action, keep users informed, create RSVP opportunities, fundraise, request donations, and more.

What’s your case?

The power of content delivery chatbots and guided conversations are virtually endless. Talk to us today about your needs, vision, and dreams. We’ll help make them a reality.

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