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How does it work?

Start using Bulletin in 3 simple steps

Connect your Apps

Connect your Telegram Channels and Bots to Bulletin.

Compose your interactive newsletters

Start with our easy to use Channel post editor, or build real, interactive conversations using our drag-and-drop content builder

Distribute and Grow

Automate effortlessly with our publication tool. Promote your newsletters and track campaigns with unique links.

Create content, not flows

Don’t waste time connecting arrows or putting together complex flows. Bulletin was built content-ready.

CMS functionality

Our dual-faced editor gives you all the space you need to draft ideas, import content, and build stand-out newsletterstitive in a flooded digital landscape.

Multimedia input

Use text, photos, audios, emojis, videos, and more to create dynamic and engaging short-form content

Interactive experience

Your audience will interact by tapping the guided answer. Each session lasts just a few minutes, so it’s perfect for the 🚡|

Easy scheduling

Save, export, preview, and publish bulletins. Our simple publishing tool helps you plan and get the most out of your content every time

Take the mystery out of dark social

Bulletin gives you access to actionable data on how your audience engages with your content.

Build detailed user profiles

Keep track of user referrals, platforms, language preferences, and more with Bulletin’s CRM functionality.

Understand your audience

Stay informed of your active user count, user retention, click-through rate, open rate, best open hour, and more using our comprehensive analytics

Gain insight with polls

Use polls to gain valuable insight into audience preferences

A scalable solution that meets your needs

  Bots built for your customers

Use different bots to connect with users on different messaging apps. There’s no limit to how many chatbots you can build.

  Integrate effortlessly

Bulletin was built for content creators and was designed to fit your existing content strategy, no matter your industry.

  Invite the whole team

Our solution is easy to learn, so anyone can do it. Enjoy a single fair price, no matter how many team members are on board.

  Tested for security

Our platform uses industry-leading data centers, hosting infrastructure, and payment processing to ensure maximum uptime and security.

  GDPR support

We understand the importance of privacy and protecting user information. Bulletin lets you create bots that have GDPR compliance in mind.

  A content solution that grows with you

Go from tens of readers to millions of readers without a worry. Our system automatically scales as your user base grows.

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